Shown: Universal design bathroom

The need for affordable housing, particularly for seniors, continues to increase. One option for meeting this need is through Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs.

ADUs are self-contained dwelling units that may be attached, detached, or situated within a single-family home on the same parcel of land. Communities in the Bay State and beyond are currently reviewing their zoning bylaws in consideration of ADUs.

An ADU, which is sometimes referred to as an “in-law apartment”, may be created from converting part of the home (for example, the lower level of the home) or by building an addition to the home. An ADU may also be a detached or stand-alone structure on the property.

Essentially, an ADU is an affordable option that enables older family members to remain in close proximity to family as they age. An older individual may live with or adjacent to an adult-child, sibling or other family member who can provide additional assistance or care if needed.

Universal design is a fundamental component of many ADUs. Universal design increases accessibility, improves safety and convenience while also looking aesthetically pleasing. The Remodeling Company’s founder Gary Moffie is an authority on universal design and ADUs. Aging-in-place design is one of Gary’s passions and there is a growing market for ADUs to help with our aging population and first-time home buyers as well.

Check out this short article about an ADU that’s being built as part of a national project

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