Aging in Place

Creating Living Spaces for Everyone

While aging can carry the rewards of increased leisure time and wisdom, growing older can also present a variety of mobility, accessibility, dexterity and cognitive issues. Not only could this be true for people actually living in the home, but it also may be the case for other family members or friends who visit. At The Remodeling Company, we help home owners throughout the Greater Boston area create “living spaces for all” to help them remain in their homes for the long term and make their homes accessible for anyone who visits despite their age or physical abilities.

Even if you have yet to reach your golden years, taking preemptive action now can prove invaluable in sustaining your independence and keeping your home fully accessible as you age.

Aging in Place Remodeling Specialists

Our founder, Gary Moffie, has undergone extensive training to attain the coveted status of a Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). One of the central concepts driven home by the NAHB is the prioritization of fall prevention in remodeling efforts. Accommodations that accomplish this task include level transitions between rooms, ground floor bedrooms and full baths, non-slip flooring, strategically placed handrails and at least one no-stair point of entry to the home.

Our eye for aesthetics and advanced craftsmanship enables us to incorporate these practical elements in your home in a manner that compliments and preserves its distinct character and style.

Enhancing Accessibility and Comfort

Challenges pertaining to dexterity are also carefully considered when we remodel your home for aging in place. For example, replacing knobs with lever style handles can make opening and closing doors much more comfortable. Installing light switches, microwaves, side-to-side refrigerator and freezer units, front facing laundry equipment and other components at lower heights can significantly increase accessibility as well.

We also install custom platforms next to primary access points that can be used to place groceries and packages while unlocking the door to avoid the risks associated with overextending to place items on the ground and retrieve them.

Brighten Your Living Space

Enhancing visibility is essential to promote safety and maintain independence while aging in place in your home. We achieve this, in part, by installing effective and reliable lighting strategically throughout your home as well as outside.

These fixtures can feature motion sensors and timers so that they activate when needed and conserve energy when they are not. We can also increase natural lighting by incorporating extra windows and skylights.

Multi-Generational Living Accommodations

Perhaps your approach to aging in place includes living with an adult-child, sibling or other family member who can provide additional care. We can remodel your home or theirs to feature additional living accommodations – complete with separate entrances, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

This technique can also serve as an effective solution to house skilled care workers or generate a sustainable recurring income by renting the space to a tenant.


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