Characteristics of Marble

Marble is one of the most popular stone surfaces used in kitchens and bathrooms, and there is no denying its timeless beauty. It has been the stone of choice for sculptures, monuments and building purposes for thousands of years. While it remains a top choice for homeowners and designers, there are inherent characteristics in the stone that should be noted. Marble is susceptible to chips or stains, as it is a softer stone, and it’s also susceptible to etching, meaning that any acids (lemon juice, tomato juice, wine) that are not cleaned right away may etch the surface of the stone making it dull. If it is a honed or leather finish, the etching is masked within the surface. On a polished finish, once the etching is engrained after years of use, the entire surface can be re-polished to bring it back to its original beauty. There are also natural levels of iron in many types of marble that can cause marble to rust and turn yellow over time. This article explains in more detail.

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