Over the past couple of years, working at home has become the new working model for many. The incorporation of a home office or multi-use work/play space is now often featured in many of our clients’ remodeling projects. Along with that comes a new trend – the Coffee Station. A coffee station is similar to a small kitchen or break room in a traditional office setting, although perhaps a bit more upscale, as they’re typically outfitted with espresso and coffee machines, tea making machines and more.

A coffee station in the home has its own dedicated space, similar to a pantry or a wet bar (but with coffee and tea). It doesn’t need much space. For example, you could create a coffee station that is just three feet across and construct it of cabinetry that matches your home office. Add a butcher-block top or perhaps a countertop that matches your kitchen countertops. Depending on your needs, you may want to include a small refrigerator. Looking for significant beverage organization so you can chill and store a variety of juices, non-dairy options and water? Then a beverage cooler would be ideal. To make the most of your coffee station, avoid a cluttered countertop. Storage is key and helps to ensure that everything is tidy. Consider custom cabinets and drawers that can accommodate coffee, tea, sugar, honey, spices, flavor syrups, mugs, spoons, dessert/snack plates, napkins and much more.

Whether your design is rustic and cleverly tucked into a corner, or sleek and sophisticated and a large focal point of the room, having a coffee station will become one of the best perks of working at home.