For many people, a new year means a time for new beginnings. There are the typical New Year’s resolutions such as healthier eating and new fitness-related goals.  However, January is also the time when homeowners tend to take stock and resolve to fix, change and improve upon their home over the year.

As a homeowner, you may not be thinking about your return on investment at the outset of a home improvement project. But, if you’re looking for that determining factor as far as whether to renovate the kitchen or bathroom first or update your home’s exterior, then you may want to consider the project that retains the highest value first.

According to the Remodeling 2022 Cost vs. Value Report (, garage door replacement was the project where 93.3% (national average) of cost recouped. In comparison, the national average for cost recouped for a major midrange kitchen remodel was 56.1%.

Not only will you enjoy coming home to beautiful (think curb appeal), smooth operating, new garage doors, you may begin to consider how you currently use your garage. Is it where you park your vehicles? Or, is it more of the “landing spot” for extra furniture and household items waiting to be organized?

Oftentimes, the garage is an area where space is underutilized. Significant storage for organizing a wide range of items of all sizes can be created through perimeter shelving and cabinets along all the walls. Tools, lawn and garden equipment, household and other items will be neatly organized and there will still be a place to park.

Replacing garage doors can make quite an impact and can really “freshen up” your home’s exterior. Not sure of the impact it might make? Check out a few of our before and after garage and other exterior photos on our website!

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