For the past several years, shades of grey have dominated the color palette of home remodeling design. Grey and its many versatile hues aren’t going out of style, but we are seeing brighter color palettes emerge after years of this popular trend.

Bold color can be incorporated into your home in a variety of ways. Ready for a significant change? Repaint an entire room, or multiple areas of your home. You may want to start by painting just one wall at first, and live with the new color for a few days. Doing so will give you a good idea of whether you’re comfortable with your color choice and whether it works with your current décor.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are great way to make a bold statement. Paint one wall a bold color. Bear in mind that a “bold” color doesn’t necessarily mean a rich red, lush green or electric blue.  For example, one wall may be painted a beautiful teal as an accent to pale grey walls. Or a warm caramel-colored wall alongside cream walls. Bright pink, periwinkle, coral, and more – there’s an entire spectrum of color. Consider incorporating a bold wall color that complements your existing furnishings and your home’s overall color theme.

Wallpaper is another very popular way to incorporate bold color. There are countless designs ranging from geometric to floral to animal print and other “statement” wallpapers. You might consider focusing on a couple of different colors featured in the pattern of the wallpaper and accent your room(s) with those colors. Traditionally, the most popular spaces for wallpaper are the powder room and dining room. Now, we’re also seeing bold wallpaper used on an accent wall in the living room, bar area or bedroom.

Not ready to repaint or wallpaper? Bold color can be added to your rooms in other ways.

Add pops of bold touches throughout your home. For a more cohesive look, focus on one or two specific colors and incorporate them in a number of areas in your home. Consider adding color with pillows, coverlets, knit throws, and other textiles. Or, paint a small piece of furniture such as a stool, chair or occasional table in your bold color. Display photo frames, artwork, candles, decorative bowls or boxes in your chosen color. Choose bold pots for those houseplants. A bright area rug in your entryway. There are so many creative ways to add color.

With so many beautiful colors and hues, it can be difficult to narrow it down. Your local paint store is a good place to view a display of warm, cool and neutral paint colors.

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Handyman Services

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