Shown: Although the red, white and blue bathroom featured above was built as a new space, the image serves as an example of how paint can be a dramatic, cost-effective cosmetic game changer.


As the weather cools, it’s time to think about indoor home projects. Particularly if you’re considering a remodel in time for the holidays. That being said, this month’s blog is all about “reno but NO demo”. Renovations that are cosmetic, oftentimes economical and don’t require demolition. There is no change of footprint, no tear down, and no need for permits if there’s no relocation of plumbing.don

Cosmetic renovations can make quite an impact and can really “freshen up” a space. For example, in the kitchen you might consider changing the countertops and/or backsplash, updating to stainless appliances and/or installing a new floor. Today’s vinyl plank flooring may be installed over the existing flooring in many instances. Swapping out fixtures such as the kitchen faucet or dated lighting are relatively easy updates. Painting is one of the least expensive updates and can really transform a space.

With cosmetic reno projects, you likely won’t be faced with delays due to supply chain issues, so you could complete the project in time for the holidays.

In our Ipswich reno but no demo project, we changed out the doors and door hardware, removed the carpeting, added and enhanced the trim work around the fireplace and stairway, refinished the floors, and applied new paint throughout. What a difference! Take a peek at the video.


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