Fall is here and you may have already noticed that the winds have picked up and leaves have already begun to change color and flutter to the ground. This is your cue to get moving on key maintenance projects in preparation for winter.


To make things a bit easier, we’ve developed a list of some of the most important exterior projects to schedule now to ensure completion prior to the cold, stormy weather:

Exterior maintenance includes:

Gutter Cleaning – Gutters have an important job. They collect and move water AWAY from your home. But, for optimal performance, gutters must be free of leaves, sticks and other debris that can clog them. Once clogged, water can back up and can get under the roof, cause interior damage and also lead to mold growth and ice dams. Gutters should be cleaned out every year in the spring and fall.

Deck & Stairs – Check to make sure that there is no moss or rotted boards on the deck, stairs or railing. If there is moss, consider pressure washing the deck and steps. If there’s damage or a loose railing, be sure to repair these hazards immediately.

Fall Clean-up – It’s time to clean up and store away summer items such as lawn ornaments, bird houses, planters and any patio or deck furniture that you won’t be using again this year. Then, you can tackle the leaves. Raking/leaf blowing can be labor intensive, oftentimes taking days if you have a lot of trees and do it yourself. If you aren’t already working with a landscaping service, now is the time to contact one if you’d like to schedule a fall clean-up. Be sure to ask what their fall clean-up services include as some companies may prune branches, trim hedges, mow, or even provide ground-level gutter cleaning as part of it.

Our award-winning Hired Hands crew can help with home maintenance and fix-it jobs, from gutter cleaning to repairing decks, stairs and more. For home improvement and maintenance solutions, leave it to our expertly skilled and fully licensed professionals. Call or email us for an estimate.