Is the thought of using your fireplace scary? Has it been a while since you had your chimney cleaned and inspected? Although Halloween is around the corner, no one wants to be haunted by a fireplace that is in disrepair and downright dangerous to use.

We can help. If you’re looking to get your fireplace in tip-top shape for the holidays and winter season, then cleaning and repairs should be scheduled soon.

In general, a chimney should be inspected and cleaned once a year, and more often if your fireplace or wood stove is used frequently. Soot deposits and creosote can build up and cause a chimney fire. A clean chimney not only runs more efficiently – it’s safer. (Note: Gas and oil flues and chimneys don’t require annual cleaning, but they should be inspected periodically.)

Beware of moisture

Most structural damage to a chimney is due to water penetration. If you see cracks on the outside of the chimney, or broken and missing bricks, it’s a sign of water damage. Your chimney needs attention. And don’t forget to cap your chimney. Water, as well as critters such as birds and raccoons, can get inside the chimney and cause serious problems if you do not have a chimney cap.

Be proactive now to avoid an expensive rebuild later

If your chimney’s bricks are in good shape, but there are spots where the mortar has worn away, consider having the chimney repointed to ensure that moisture doesn’t get into the bricks, which will lead to structural damage. Rebuilding is usually the only option when the chimney has been neglected for a long time and there is extensive structural damage.

Fireplace upgrade

Tired of your dated brick fireplace? The Remodeling Company can turn a “ho hum” fireplace into a stunning focal point in your home. A fireplace remodel involves demolition of the old fireplace, framing and overall stone work completed by our talented masonry team. (Right now, due in part to the current supply chain issues, a fireplace remodel takes about a month from start to completion.)

Handyman services

Currently, our Handyman team is hard at work doing fall exterior maintenance jobs such as masonry, roof and window repairs, and generally helping homeowners button up their homes for winter.  Have a maintenance or repair job that needs to get done? Our award-winning Hired Hands crew can help. Leave it to our expertly skilled and fully licensed professionals. Call or email us for an estimate.