Home Office: The Pros of Having Your Own Private Space

Nowadays, people hunt for homes that have an extra room or two than what they actually need. It’s always convenient to have a guest bedroom, and kids love a playroom! One of the fastest-growing room remodels is the home office. In today’s world, more and more people are working from home. After a week or two at the kitchen table or the couch, you’ll start to realize that having a space dedicated to work is for the best. Is a home office right for you? Take a look at these pros and cons to help you make that call.


  • Having a space dedicated to work helps you maintain a work/life balance. When you’re working on your couch, watching TV at the same time, your normal routine can start to blend with your work routine. This is okay for short periods of time, but it will eventually lead you to be less productive than you typically are. If you instead opt to create a home office for yourself, you have the ability to effectively separate your work space from your living space. Whenever your shift is over, you can get up, walk out of your home office, close the door, and switch into family mode. If the lines blur between work and play, this can be a much more challenging task.
  • You will not be distracted by other goings on in other areas of the house. Working from home is a great privilege, but it can occasionally be a bit bothersome. You may have pets or children constantly causing chaos or being loud. If you have a meeting scheduled and you’re sitting on the couch while your toddler watches cartoons, whomever you’re speaking with will hear it in the background. Even if you work independently, outside noises are distracting and will take you out of your zone. If you have your own room to work in, you can make it clear that that’s your territory and no one else is welcome unless you give them permission. This will help you maintain your professional reputation and will prevent you from losing focus.
  • You can conduct business as usual, even if you aren’t the only one at home. We’ve seen many homeowners strategically choose a room near one of the doors to turn into a home office. Why? The answer is simple; you can invite business partners or clients in for meetings without them having to walk through your entire home. It’s clearly much more professional to usher a potential partner into a private office than it is to sit at your kitchen island with some coffee. Plenty of businesses run out of their home, so this is a very typical and popular trend.
  • You have the freedom to organize and decorate as you see fit. This may not seem like a useful pro at first glance, but it can be far more effective than you think! Most offices use cubicles or small areas for each person. You have a few feet by a few feet to decorate and personalize. You may have an uncomfortable chair that you have to deal with, or a filing cabinet that no longer locks. When you have a home office, your options are endless! You get to pick the layout, the furniture, the wall art, etc. Personalizing a space can make it feel much more homey (no pun intended) and will help you relax. The Remodeling Co. has worked with dozens of clients to custom-design cabinets, shelves, and more that are built into your at-home work space. It’s easier than ever to keep your space organized in a way that works for you. When your home office is designed with you in mind, you’ll get much more out of it. We’ve built custom offices in unusual spaces, and we can accommodate most requests!


  • You might be tempted to work extra hours. While working from home can be beneficial for maintaining a healthy work/life balance, it can also have the opposite effect. You may be stressed at work and realize you have a lot to do and no time to get it done. Since all of your work essentials are in your home, you may be tempted to work overtime. Every office worker will put in extra hours here and there, but if it becomes a habit, it’s time to reevaluate your work space! Just because your laptop is in the other room doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to work more.
  • You’ll lose out on the space that could be used for something else. An obvious con is losing the space that you could have used for something else. Extra bedrooms are valuable in homes these days, so are you willing to sacrifice one for your office? Maybe you’ve always wanted a dining room, but the window is perfect for working in front of. You have to prioritize what is most important to you. The good news is that many homeowners find a way to combine a guest bedroom with their home office. You can get a pull out couch or even a murphy bed that stores away until you need it. This makes the room multi-functional, and can really come in handy!
  • You’ll be alone most of the time. The last downside of home offices we want to discuss today is the isolation. If you’re shut into one room all day, you may start to feel lonely. Of course, most office workers have meetings via phone or video calls, so there’s likely some communication happening on a semi-regular basis. If not, you’ll want to be sure that you spend time with friends and family during your breaks or after work. 

Has this short list helped you decide if a home office is right for you? Working from home can be stressful, and a space to call your own might restore a sense of normalcy to your unusual work situation. Home offices are great additions to any home, and they are a great option for those who like to keep their work and personal lives as separate as possible. If you’re interested in converting one of your current rooms into a home office, contact the Remodeling Co. at 781.861.6400. We’ve transformed hundreds of homes and we’d love to help you achieve your vision. We look forward to hearing from you!

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