The term “aging in place” refers to individuals who wish to remain living safely in their own homes as they age. At The Remodeling Company, one of our specialties is helping homeowners transform their living space so that they may remain in their home over the long term, while at the same time, making their home accessible for anyone who visits despite their age or physical abilities.

One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to aging in place is fall prevention. There are a number of accommodations that can be made with regard to fall prevention, such as ensuring that there are level transitions between rooms, as well as ground floor bedrooms and full baths. The use of non-slip flooring, strategically placed handrails and at least one no-stair point of entry to the home are also key.

Modifying your home with the plan to age in place is a worthwhile investment and increases the home’s value. For example, bathroom improvements such as a walk-in, curbless (no edge) tub/shower ensures a level transition into the tub/shower. Vinyl plank flooring and porcelain tile “planks” are flooring options that can stand up to moisture and ensure sure-footed steps as they have a non-gloss, matte finish and texture for better grip.

Even if you have yet to reach your golden years, being proactive now can prove invaluable in maintaining your independence and keeping your home fully accessible as you age.

Universal design elements are not only functional; they are appealing. We’ll work with you to transform your living space so that it is tailored to you, while creating an environment in which you can maintain your independence as you grow older. Contact us to arrange a consultation today!