An interior design trend that has come back around is wallpaper. If you’ve ever had the tedious experience of removing wallpaper from an entire room (or from the walls of several rooms, for that matter), it’s understandable that you might consider skipping this trend. But, today’s designs most often feature wallpaper on an accent wall or in the powder room.

Wallpaper provides an instant “lift” to a room. A bold print or a patterned wallpaper on a single wall may serve as the focal point of a room. Lighter wallpapers can make a room appear larger. Wallpaper is also a great way to hide an imperfect wall. Opt for wallpaper featuring a raised print or choose a textured wallpaper. Some textured wallpaper options are even paintable so you can further customize them as you like.

Wallpaper is an investment. It is more expensive to wallpaper than paint a room, and removing wallpaper can be labor intensive. But, you just can’t beat that “wow” factor that it brings to a space.

Be sure to prime/size the walls before hanging wallpaper as this will help ensure a beautiful finish. No time to take on this task?  Our award-winning Hired Hands crew can help. Leave it to our expertly skilled and fully licensed professionals. Call or email us for an estimate.