Spring is here! Although the season brings rain showers and generally unpredictable weather, the mudroom is one place that truly “shines” despite it all. On those wet and sloppy days, the mudroom is the catch-all for umbrellas, raincoats and more. It also has to stand up to muddy shoes, boots and paws!

Over the years, we’ve designed, built and remodeled a number of mudrooms. We incorporate features that really make the most of the space:

Flooring is key and should be weatherproof. Non-slip tile and vinyl plank flooring are perfect in this space.

Plenty of storage cubbies, cabinets and drawers offer a place for those shoes, bookbags, coats, sporting equipment and more. Storage may be built-in, floor to ceiling, depending on your space and preference. Best of all, having the right storage solutions make it easy to keep the mudroom tidy.

Recessed lighting looks attractive and offers good function. There will be plenty of light to enable you to quickly find what you need so you can get out the door.

Have pets? A pet door enables your pet access to the great outdoors. In this way, your pet is able to enter and exit the home on their own, which is very convenient for both pet and owner. For example, we recently created a pet door that led directly into a mudroom, which was the perfect spot for kitty to rest after a day outdoors.

Pet wash stations are designed to keep not only your pet, but your home clean. Furry friends often return from their outdoor adventures with wet or dirty coats and muddy paws. A pet wash station is a low-lying, standalone shower often installed in a mudroom. The added bonus: it can serve as a wash station for cleaning gardening boots or tools and sandy beach toys as well.

Looking to build or improve upon your mudroom? We can help!

Handyman Services

Our expertly skilled and fully licensed professionals are available for interior home repairs and maintenance. Our Hired Hands can assist with any fix-it jobs that need doing. In addition to carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, and other repair work, our Hired Hands division also takes on small projects that enhance and improve your living space – and that includes the front entry or mudroom. How can we help you today? Contact us