Outdoor showers have been around for a long time. Essentially, their purpose is to provide an area outside of the home for rinsing off after swimming in the ocean or the pool. In New England, outdoor showers are a feature that may be found in coastal homes, particularly those on or within walking distance of the beach. For example, cottages and vacation rentals on Cape Cod will boast the sought-after outdoor shower in their listing info.

Outdoor showers are growing in popularity as many more people realize that it’s a refreshing and enjoyable way to shower. Not only that, but the convenience of showering off outdoors goes beyond their sandy day at the beach.

Need to rinse off after gardening or perhaps rinse your dog after a muddy hike? How about washing off large items such as outdoor furniture, paddleboards, coolers, or the grill rack? Or, perhaps you’re simply trying to accommodate the influx of summer guests. The outdoor shower fits the bill.

The basic outdoor shower is attached to the home, enclosed by six-foot fencing with a latching gate. It rests on a slatted platform. The showerhead and faucet controls are secured to the house. Outdoor showers can be modest or elaborate. Either way, they impart a fun, seaside vibe. Considering an outdoor shower addition? We can help.