Shown: A good example of anti-slip pool surround. View more images of this home’s renovation featured in the Before/After gallery of our website.


“Pool season” is underway with homeowners opening their pools and bringing out the patio furniture. It’s also the time for sprucing up the pool house. Traditionally, a pool house offers a private space near the pool to change in and out of swimsuits, store towels and other pool items. Nowadays, homeowners are opting to make the most of this space. We’ve been called on to enhance pool houses with features such as a wet bar, a quiet place to nap and even an area to entertain. Bathroom and shower additions within the pool house are becoming more common too. Just bear in mind that a pool house bathroom will have to be heated so that the pipes don’t freeze during our New England winters.

Considering a pool surround update? Although marble, porcelain tiles and glazed ceramic would look incredibly beautiful around the pool, it’s simply too slippery when there’s water on these surfaces. Opt for anti-slip brick, concrete or natural pavers which should have some texture, as well as P4 or P5 slip rating. Looking for a more economical option? Consider poured concrete to upgrade your pool surface. To customize it to your particular style, add a pattern or overlay.

Maintenance is Key

Gatehouses, which typically stand alone at the entrance of the driveway, are not only a stately and welcoming extension of the home, they are ideal for storage of lawn and garden equipment, outdoor furniture and more.

Just as you take note of repairs needed on your home’s interior and exterior each season, it’s important to inspect the pool house and/or gatehouse for weather-related wear and tear as well as insect and pest intrusion. Damage and rot can lead to animals, birds and other pests such as hornets accessing these structures, particularly if they are not used year-round.

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