The countdown has begun! Hosting for the holidays? Now is the time to take care of the little details to ensure your home’s systems are in top shape and your home’s interior looks its best for the season.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Have you noticed any heating, plumbing or electrical issues? Strange noises coming from your furnace? Slow drains or trouble with a toilet? Don’t procrastinate about having a technician check the problem as it’s better to be proactive and get any issues resolved well ahead of when guests are due to arrive.

First Impressions

Take a look at your entryway. Will it make a good first impression as you welcome guests into your home? Does it look tidy or is there room for improvement? Are there any scratches on the wood or tile floor? Or holes in the walls or woodwork that need repair?

As you move beyond the entryway, continue to view your home with a critical eye. Are there obvious areas on the walls or woodwork where the paint needs a touch-up? Are your kitchen counters and backsplash in good shape? Any issues with loose tile or fixtures in need of repair? Try to tackle these fix-it jobs early on.

Unsure about paint finishes or the difference between caulk, joint compound and grout? We can help.

Handyman Services

Our expertly skilled and fully licensed professionals are available for home repairs and maintenance. Our Hired Hands can assist with any fix-it jobs that need doing. In addition to carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, and other repair work, our Hired Hands division also takes on small projects that enhance and improve your living space. Contact us to get started!