While many of us enjoy cold weather activities such as skiing and ice skating, the winter home maintenance that comes with all that snow and ice is not all that enjoyable. No matter how much we’d like the record-breaking warmer temperatures from earlier this month to last, it’s time to prep for winter.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac winter forecast, we can expect it to be colder and snowier than normal. Time to get the snow-blower tuned up, and to make sure you have sand, salt and/or ice melt on hand. You should also have a heavy-duty snow shovel, a snow pusher and a roof rake. Haven’t heard of a snow pusher? Rather than scooping and lifting up the snow, you push the snow forward to clear the area, similar to a plow. And, don’t forget to clear the snow off your home’s roof with a roof rake. These may be found at your local hardware store along with those shovels and snow pushers. Raking the snow off the roof will keep the vents of your roof clear. More importantly, it will prevent ice dams, which can cause water to back up and leak into your home. This will result in wall, ceiling and other damage that can be costly to repair. Unable to rake the snow from your roof? Our Hired Hands team can help.

Little Details, Big Impact

November is also the perfect time to prep the interior of your home for the holiday season.

Have you heard the phrase “it’s all in the details”? When it comes to readying your home for guests and the holidays, you want it to look its best. The details matter. Walk through your home with a critical eye and take note. Are there noticeable scratches on the wood floor? Or, holes in the walls or woodwork that need repair? Scrapes or stains on your painted walls? Annoying squeaky door hinges? A dripping faucet or a “running” toilet? Before your start decorating for the holiday season, take a moment to tackle these home maintenance tasks. Take care of woodwork and paint touch-ups. Eliminate squeaky door hinges with WD-40 multi-purpose lubricant. Call the plumber in now to fix minor issues before they become bigger problems.

Looking for simple ways to “refresh” your kitchen or bath without splashing out on demo or reno? Consider updating the lighting fixtures or sink fixtures, and updating the cabinet and door hardware.

Handyman Services

Our expertly skilled and fully licensed professionals are available for exterior and interior home repairs and maintenance. Our Hired Hands can assist with any fix-it jobs that need doing. In addition to carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, and other repair work, our Hired Hands division also takes on small projects that enhance and improve your living space. Check out our cosmetic reno video!  Give us a call today!