When you’re looking to create a sophisticated spa bathroom, there are a number of features to consider. There are the gorgeous design elements that you can see, along with other aspects that aren’t visible to the eye but are luxurious elements that comfort and soothe your other senses.

Central to the overall design is often a stand-alone soaking tub or a jacuzzi bath oasis. Waterfall faucets, which are wall mounted, allow water to cascade gracefully into a sink or tub. And, unlike deck-mounted faucets which attach to the counter, wall mounted faucets can better accommodate a variety of installation settings and are particularly suited to elegant wall hung vanities and vessel sinks.

This spa bath features a heated towel warmer

When you think about it, controlling the flow of water is a significant part of a spa bathroom. A design element that enables you to do so is a sleek dual shower head. This is often a larger rain shower head along with a handheld shower head for maximum flexibility and convenience. For a truly customizable experience, consider a rain shower head with wireless remote control for the ultimate in spray function control.

Another trend in a spa bath that elevates the overall luxury? Radiant heated floors. Adding electric radiant heat to the bathroom is a comfort that not only warms your feet, but reduces the noise level in the room. Electric radiant heating systems are easy to install. For optimum performance, the system should be covered by ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles, as these are ideal temperature conductors.

One last “must” for any spa bath: a heated towel warmer. These are wall-mounted, often hard-wired (some are available as plug-in) contemporary systems that will ensure that all your towels are fresh and warm every time.