Just a friendly reminder that this month is daylight saving time, so spring forward and turn your clocks one hour AHEAD on March 12th!

On March 20th, we celebrate the first day of Spring! But, don’t pack away those winter coats yet. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the weather will remain pretty chilly in the Northeast until at least the first week in April.

With the arrival of spring and longer days, it’s a great time to inspect, repair and update the systems that keep your home working efficiently.

Below is a helpful list of interior and exterior spring home maintenance tasks:

  • Clean windows and screens
  • Replace your HVAC’s air filters
  • Service your air conditioning unit
  • Check ductwork for efficiency
  • Seal up doors and windows; check weatherstripping
  • Clean gutters
  • Touch up interior and exterior paint
  • Power wash mold/mildew/dirt off of siding, roofs and decks
  • Declutter your house and garage/sheds
  • Run outside faucets; check for leaks
  • Repair and reseal woodwork (fences, lattice, rails, decking)
  • Spruce up outdoor spaces
  • Inspect the exterior for damage/cracks/chipping/holes (roofing, siding, chimney, driveway, walkway pavers/bricks, concrete pool decks and walkways)

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