Dreaming about improving your outdoor living space? Need a foundation worthy of your new grill station and teak dining set? A stone patio not only offers aesthetic appeal, but will prove a good return on investment.

Natural stone pavers are beautiful, durable, easy to clean and available in different colors. From Flagstone, Limestone, and Travertine to Sandstone, Bluestone, Granite and Marble – natural stone lends an element of elegance and timelessness to your outdoor living space. Plus, there are endless shapes and designs from which to choose, enabling you to truly customize the paving and add a special focal point.

driveway pavers

Stone pavers are ideal for driveways as well.

Although any natural stone may be used for patio paving, we often use Bluestone and Granite for patios, back yard grilling areas and outdoor steps.

Bluestone offers a color and texture variation that lends to the natural beauty of a patio. However, it is a little more difficult to maintain to prevent moss from developing in between stones.

Regardless of which stone you choose, it’s imperative that the prep work underneath – with stone/stone dust base and/or sand layer – is done well because that will ensure stability.

Maintaining your stone patio is fairly simple, as it should just require regular sweeping and cleaning. Avoid power washing the patio as it may dislodge the joint sand.

Our award-winning Hired Hands crew can help with exterior home improvements that include well-built distinct stone patios, grilling stations, decks and more.

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