Photo caption: In this kitchen island and breakfast nook project that we completed, everything is at reachable height and can be navigated from a wheelchair if necessary. 


At The Remodeling Company, we are dedicated to creating “living spaces for all”. Spaces for people of any age and in consideration of any mobility, accessibility, dexterity and cognitive issues. Universal design plays a significant role in many of our remodeling projects.

Essentially, universal design ensures generous space to get around while also making certain that controls, knobs and other elements are within reach and easy to access.

In a kitchen remodel for example, there are a number of universal design elements that may be incorporated. Knobs may be replaced with lever style handles to make opening and closing doors much more comfortable. A center island with lower, easy to roll-out drawers may replace high cabinets, so there’s no need for a step stool to retrieve dinnerware or pantry items.

Light switches, microwaves, side-to-side refrigerator and freezer units, front facing laundry equipment and other components may be installed at lower heights to significantly increase accessibility. Appliances are also taken into consideration and should be safe as well as easy to operate. For example, instead of a range where the controls are on a back panel, universal design would utilize an electric, induction or gas range with easy to reach, low-level front controls.

Beauty and sophistication

When we integrate universal design in our remodeling projects, we do so with a keen eye towards aesthetics. We take great pride in helping individuals and families remain in their homes for the long term and ensuring that their homes will be accessible for anyone who visits despite their age or physical abilities. Advanced craftsmanship enables us to incorporate these practical elements in the home in a manner that compliments and preserves its distinct character and style.

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